Patrick Woolley

Attorney at Law 
Phone: (703) 647-4166
Fax: (703) 649-6169

Attorney Patrick Woolley earned his J.D. from George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, VA.  Mr. Woolley helped to found Blitz Legal so that he could protect the constitutional rights of individuals in Northern Virginia.  Mr. Woolley enjoys working in the courtroom, providing counsel during trial, and especially working opposite prosecutors.  He has represented clients charged with a wide array of felonies and misdemeanors, ranging from shoplifting and drug possession to burglary and robbery.  Mr. Woolley focuses his efforts on representing defendants in criminal cases throughout northern Virginia but has also handled a variety of civil trials and other civil matters for clients in Fairfax and Arlington, Virginia. 

Although the initial focus of his undergraduate education was political science, Mr. Woolley soon became disillusioned with politics and began thinking of a way to focus his career on helping people protect their constitutional rights and limit the actions of the government and politicians.  The result has been a strong focus on defending clients charged with criminal offenses, and Mr. Woolley is very happy to be doing what he is doing now.