Where is your actual office?

For the convenience of our clients, we have 3 office locations:

In Arlington: 3033 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22201
Mailing /reception/meeting

In Fairfax: 3905 Railroad Avenue, Suite 104, Fairfax, VA 22030
Main office

In Manassas: 9300 Grant Avenue, Suite 101, Manassas, VA 20110
Satellite office

Is there parking available?
The Fairfax and Manassas offices have ample free parking.

Do you take credit cards?
We take major credit cards, PayPal, check, cash, or money orders.  

Do you have a payment plan available?
We offer a payment plan on a case by case basis depending on need and ability to pay.  

Court-Related Questions

What should I do on my court date?
Plan ahead to make sure you have transportation, and make sure to arrive early.  Dress appropriately for court.  Once inside the court, don’t hesitate to ask where to go.  Find your attorney if you have one.  Find your courtroom and wait for the court to call your case.  

What if I can’t make it to my court date?
You should do everything possible to make it to your court date, as it is always within the judge’s discretion to issue a warrant if you miss a court date with notice. Regardless, contact your attorney as soon as possible if you know you will need to miss court so that they can ask for a continuance.  If it is the day of court, call your attorney and the court clerk as soon as possible.

Where is the courthouse?

Click here to visit the Virginia Courts website for access to location and other information for all of the Virginia Courts.  

How do I know when my court date is?
Generally, the court date is listed on the ticket, summons, warrant, or other court papers. Court dates can also be found through the Virginia Courts case information system.  

What will happen on my court date?
For misdemeanors in General District Court, before the case is called, the two parties (the Commonwealth and your defense attorney if you have one) have an opportunity to discuss their respective interests.  The parties either reach an agreement or confirm that there will be a trial where evidence will be presented and arguments will be made to and decided by a judge.    

For more detailed information, please contact one of our attorneys.

Woolley Stout PLLC Payment Procedures

We prefer that clients pay by check, cash, or money order.  Checks and money orders may be mailed to our office.  Please be sure that your name appears on the check.   

Clients may also choose to pay by using Pay-Pal or with their personal credit cards.

Credit card payments may be made by providing one of our attorneys with your credit card and billing information (Woolley Stout PLLC will not retain any of your personal information).  Credit card payments can also be processed through Pay-Pal with or without a Pay-Pal account.  

To pay online using a credit card or Pay-Pal account, please:

1.  Select the appropriate type of case from the options below and click Pay Now.

2. On the following page, enter the Order Summary information including the amount of your payment as the Item Price and your name or case number as the Description, and then click Update.

3. Follow the PayPal prompts to complete the secure transaction via credit card or your PayPal account.
 If you have any questions, please call us at (703) 647-4166 or email us at