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Virginia is tough on drugs. Even the tiniest amount of residue on a pipe or baggie carries heavy potential consequences including mandatory driver’s license suspensions and lengthy periods of incarceration.

We zealously represent persons charged with every kind of drug crime in the counties of Northern Virginia. Whether it is possession, distribution, or any of the prescription related charges proscribed under Virginia law, our attorneys will focus on the details of your case in pursuance of the best result possible for you.

Drug charges are susceptible to a number of defenses so it is often in people’s best interest to go to trial, despite the immense pressures inherent in the system that make plea bargaining seem the only option. Our attorneys are always prepared to go to trial. We will advise you of all of your options and our estimation of the potential results of each course of action, and after your careful consideration, we will energetically engage in the chosen course, whether negotiation or litigation.

Consequences for drug charges in Virginia can be exceptionally severe, and our goal is to help minimize those consequences however possible. Contact one of our attorneys now to discuss your Virginia drug case and let us help defend your rights.