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Marijuana and Related Offenses

Marijuana is still a crime in Virginia.
You hear judges say it here with some frequency lately. Even as other jurisdictions in the U.S. are decriminalizing and even legalizing marijuana for recreational use, possession of even a small amount of marijuana is still a crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a crime for which people are cited, arrested, and even jailed every day.

Too many people just plead guilty to marijuana charges, especially when charged with a first offense marijuana possession, because they perceive the penalty to be smaller than the hassle of fighting the charge. This is largely due to the incentives our “justice” system creates. But we are trial attorneys. And we encourage more people to take their marijuana cases to trial because that is the only way to really defend one’s rights.

Politics aside, we take pride in defending people who are charged with violating Virginia’s marijuana laws. Whether you are charged with possession, distribution, or even synthetic marijuana, we would be happy to help you minimize the impact on your life.

Contact the marijuana attorneys at Woolley Stout now and let us help defend your rights.